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Rewires Middlesbrough

Rewires Middlesbrough

Are you looking for a friendly and reliable electrician that can help you with rewires in Middlesbrough? At AJ Electrical we are a Checkatrade and Napit accredited electricians that have a range of experience in providing commercial and domestic electrical services.

We are highly skilled in full rewires where we remove all of your old outdated wiring before replacing it with new wiring that meets the modern standard and is safe for use.
Our electricians in Middlesbrough have extensive experience rewiring domestic and commercial properties such as rewiring in extensions and as part of office conversions.
We can also provide partial rewires which can include adding, replacing or extending your existing wiring to avoid faulty electrics. Old wiring can be inefficient as the wires can’t handle the amount of electricity needed for new appliances. With new wiring you can increase your efficiency and the number of electrical household appliances you use.

It is recommended that you have a full rewire of your property every 25-30 to ensure that it meets the current standards and fit for use. It is also important that you have regular checks and testing to avoid any potential hazards. Our electricians can help you with our testing, inspecting and certification or fault finding services to determine whether you have any damaged or exposed wires that need replacing or repairing. Our friendly team can then help at a time convenient to you.

Common signs that could indicate that you need a rewiring include flickering and dimming of lights or if your fuse box keeps tripping or blowing.

We work to suit your needs so we can also replace or add additional light switches, fuse boards and sockets wherever you need them.

So if you are needing a professional electrician who is fully qualified in rewires in Middlesbrough, contact us today on 07534 431035 or make an online enquiry.

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