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Solar Installer Middlesbrough

Solar Installer Middlesbrough

Are you looking to fit solar panels onto your home in Middlesbrough and need a solar installer to help make sure everything is fixed properly? At AJ Electrical we are an established contractor who is experienced in a range of commercial and domestic electrical work.

Having solar panels or solar PV systems is long-lasting and requires little maintenance. Typically they will provide you with electricity and heat for at least 25 years.

Our trained electricians are here to install your property with solar-powered solutions that reduce your electricity bills and use green renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The solutions your solar installer in Middlesbrough will work with will be noise-free and will make minimal disruption to your everyday life. Having solar fittings on your home will also add value to your property whilst protecting the environment.

When considering a solar installation on your home it is important to see whether you’ll need any planning permission and also the position of your roofing and the surrounding areas to see whether they will work to the optimum level.  Luckily Middlesbrough has a consistent amount of average sunlight hours so solar installations are an ideal option to generate energy.

Also, depending on the certain green energy measures you are implementing on your home, you may be eligible for the green homes grant which is government funding between £5000 and £10000.

You will be able to benefit from your solar panels very quickly as our trained electricians aim to install your panels within a maximum of 3 days and once they are fitted they will be up and running producing electricity and energy within a few hours.

So if you are looking for a solar installer in Middlesbrough who can reduce your energy bills, call us today on 07534 431035 or make an online inquiry now.

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